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Our Donors are incredible and take many forms. Some are individuals. Others are local business organizations, corporations or churches.

Some make general donations. Others support specific programs such as medication fees or lab costs. Some provide meals for our volunteers on clinic nights when they come straight from their own practices to serve with us.

It all comes together in a beautiful way to serve the most vunerable among us. 

Know that we do not take our supporters for granted.. We try to be the best stewards of what we are trusted with. We have no paid staff. Our total cost to keep our pharmacy stocked, no matter how much we prescribe is at a fixed cost to us of $7500 total per year. We are able to keep our total cost per patient for a clinic visit, labs and prescriptions at around $25 per patient per month. This is how we are able to provide free medical care to the uninsured in Lincoln, Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties.

Even with recent efforts to reduce the gap of uninsured with expanded government help, there is a substantial gap of working people who are unable to afford insurance because of the high cost. This is expected to increase as Covid relief plans expire in 2022. So medical conditions go untreated until they become emergencies, which cost us all. 

With our supporters help, we are able to turn a $2,000 emergency room visit into a $25 checkup, keeping marginalized families healthy, working and thereby improve our community.

If you would like to assist us in this mission financially, visit our secure donation page For more information, check out out financial and statistics page, or email us for other opportunities at

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