• Car Show Fundraiser September 10
  • Volunteers Providing Care For the Unisured
  • On top of Primary Clinic Services, We Also Offer Crisis Pregnancy Support
  • A Clinic Care Room
  • Official Opening with some of our original volunteer staff and executive board - 2019


The Engage Free Medical Clinic, Pharmacy and Pregnancy Support Services, is an all volunteer, donation driven group formed in 2019 to provide primary care services for free to the working uninsured in East Central Oklahoma. Started as a stand alone community service organization by Aydelotte Baptist Church with the mission of trying to live out the Gospel message of Jesus in our community as well as provide a place where all could serve, Engage offers people without Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance a place to get free, needed treatment. This not only gives families who can't afford medical care a place to go, it helps to lessen the burden on community emergency rooms and for profit health centers, saving everyone money. We operate on donations only and give a patient free clinic visits, labs and medication for an average of $26.00 cost to us. This model, we feel, gives us a freedom and flexibility when it comes to giving free primary care, labs and prescriptions as well as social worker care and chaplaincy services to address many problems regular clinics can't.

And it is needed. As of July 2021, Oklahoma's expanded Soonercare medicaid program covers people making up to 133% of the Federal poverty level. Engage treats people up to 300% of the Federal poverty level, primarily the working uninsured who fall through the cracks.This has been estimated to be as high as 10% of central oklahomans. 

For more information about being a patient, volunteer or donor, click the appropriate heading on our menu above, or email us at engagefreeclinic.gmail.com . Thank You!

Contact Information

Engage Free Medical Clinic

10201 N. Harrison
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804
Phone (405) 673-1450

Regular Schedule

Office Hours

  • Clinics generally run the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 6-9pm by appt only..

    Labs generally run the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm by appt.

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  • Think you might be pregnant? Don't know who to turn to?

    Visit our confidential Pregnancy Support page, get information and get in contact with someone who cares about you and what you are going through!

  December 2022  
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